Friday, March 16, 2012

Love a Costume

I'm looking forward to St Pat's day because...
  • I have a super fun 5K that is expected to be the largest one in the history of the race!
  • It's the kind of silly race that people dress up for. I love a costume. :)
  • My husband will be running his FIRST 5K. He has reminded me repeatedly since I signed him up that he's not the runner in the family (HA, he considers me a runner!). He's nervous, but I know he can do it. I've been reassuring him that he's "the rabbit" (pace setter) and the goal is to finish and have fun! Ha ha, rabbit...fluffy...I'm a dork *snort*
  • Green beer, anyone? I don't know if there's green beer at the end, but there is beer. 
  • It's for one of my personal favorite charities - the food bank that covers THIRTEEN counties. They have been having a hard time keeping up with demand the past couple of years and I'm glad that the race is going to be so popular and raise some much needed $$$.
  • Yes, my husband will also be wearing a costume....and I plan to take pictures!
  • If I had a dog, I would search high and low to find this costume:
  •  Race recap to follow. Happy St. Pat's early and to everyone:


Lap Band Gal said...

Have fun! :) Can't wait to see some pics.

Laura Belle said...

HAHA! I freaking snorted at that outfit! I sooo wish I could dress up my little Wyatt in that. (His dad would murder me in my sleep tho)

Yes, yes, green beer. Definitely!

Amanda Kiska said...

Enjoy the race! Love the dog costume.

Ronnie said...

I was thinking about doing that 5K, but I didn't want to be too crowded. The Color Run was a hot mess, and I had a feeling this one would be even worse! :/

Have fun!! :)

Cat said...

I heart you!
I also love that costume and I'm going out for St Patricks day and am excited to drink green beer.

Andrea said...

Hope you had a good time! I love celebrating on Greenville for St. Patty's!

Beth Ann said...

Hey there! I miss you!!