Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Trust Me, Just Do This Race!

Seriously, if The C0lor Run comes to your area or close to it, GO! It's not about racing. It's not even timed. It's about getting covered in color with your friends!

We arrived early to beat traffic and sat and chatted in the car. We knew there would be a lot of racers and we were meeting about fifteen people. It's pretty hard finding people in a sea of white!

Like I said, this race isn't timed, so there really isn't much of a start. We were in the first wave which was awesome later in the race to be able to look back on the course and see all the people. Up first, yellow!
Our goal, get coated as much as possible! We twirled our way past the people throwing the color. Not going to lie, it was awesome. Up next, pink!
It was a bit chilly, but it was a sunny day and everyone was just smiling and laughing! Up next, purple!

I thought there was supposed to be five colors, but I swear there were only four. No matter, that's one more to enjoy next year. Up next, green!

Then it was to the finish line. Where we waited for the finale. Each racer was provided with a free packet of color for the end. About every 15 minutes, people threw the color up in the air. It was amazing.
Our shoes really took a beating, but I'm going to put mine in my obstacle pile to be used for that.
Oh, and while my car didn't have on a white shirt, it did participate! Yeah, that really is my car covered in the paint. Once I was done, people's reactions were priceless. There were many team photos taken while we were packing up.


♫ Drazil ♪ said...

I so wish this would come to Podunk! Looks sooo fun - though I'd just stand in the pink forever.

Cat said...

SOOO fun, thank you so much fr sharing. I will start looking for one in our area!

Amy said...

how freakin' cool!! I'm totally looking that up!

Andrea said...

I was there too! It was so fun!

Dawnya said...

Your car is covered. How awesome is that?!?!

I had plan on participating here in Austin, but I had to work. I will be there next year for sure.

Miss you!!!

MandaPanda said...

So fun! I did the one in Phoenix and think I will make it an annual thing :)

Laura Belle said...

Yes, yes. Definitely finding one of these and participating!
Your car's so cute!!

Beth Ann said...

The car is perfect!!!

Read said...

That looks so amazing!!! And that car is so you - colors and all!!!

Keligraphy said...

Oh I can't wait to do this now! My mother and I are gonna sign up as soon as they open registration!

Joey said...

Agh! It's already sold out in my city! D'oh!