Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Surprising Reaction

Yes, it is another "one day at bootcamp" post, my week is filled with work and bootcamp until the weekend - believe me work isn't worth blogging about, so it's bootcamp. I was talking with this lady whom I have gotten friendly with at camp and she has been trying to lose weight. In my opinion, she has done an awesome job and honestly most women would kill to be her size when she started. She's definitely "fine tuning".

Anyway, in talking with her about how hard losing weight is, she looked at me and said, "Hello skinny, like you know what I'm talking about?" It completely stopped me in my tracks. I told her that I have a lot of experience and that I don't want or plan to tell anyone -- so telling you in confidence, but it wasn't that long ago that I was over 100 lbs more than I am currently. Her face was priceless. She asked me if I was kidding (yes, for real), there was just no way, and that I didn't look like I ever had a weight issue let alone 100 lbs. It was a weird experience for me and one I wanted to be sure to write down so I could see it as "proof" that my before is really gone.

And, nope, I didn't tell her about my band. I still choose not to tell anyone except the few that already know. At this point, even those people that do know about it seem to have forgotten---or at least cease to mention it. I think they see what I'm doing, eating, etc. and realize that the band isn't magic whereas in the beginning it may have appeared to them it was.


Nella said...

Sorry I have been catchup land at work and home!
I just saw the pic from your last post! YOU ARE ONE HOT SKINNY BITCH! Love it! Its our secret baby!

Justawallflower said...

What an amazing story! definitely inspirational!

FitBy40 said...

Good for you! I also don't tell anyone about the surgery. I figure why shouldn't I get the credit for all the hard work I do!
Keep up the great work.