Wednesday, March 09, 2011

And it continues!!

I swear it has gotten worse! Here's what I saw when I walked in the door of the grocery store yesterday evening: BAM! Big candy display...stacked with my la la - I do NOT see you. (Me and Sam have the eye closing in common!)

Heading toward It should be, right? But, NOPE! BAM! Hoste$s GREEN snowballs and other items - what the hell? This area is supposed to be a SAFE zone people! (Not a fan of the snowballs, but illustrates the madness!)

This aisle, that aisle, end of aisle: BAM! BAM! BAM! C-R-A-P! (aka - chocolate crack as pointed out by FitBy40). And don't forget the nearly TWO foot high CHOCOLATE bunny by the checkout area. Not kidding. I should have taken a picture or bit his bunny ass off!

People, if I could just skip the grocery store until May, I would! ...Anyone a personal grocery shopper???? Sounds like there may multiple opportunities as Island Bandit is feeling the same!

I am starting to suspect that it is fake TOM that is making this so bad. Damn you hormones!!!! .... I'm not hungry. Seriously, because I don't want anything remotely good for me, I just want CRAP!

It will pass, it will pass....*sigh*....and I will quit posting about stupid crap candy too. : ) But first, let me plant an annoying song in your head that I can't get out of mine, you can thank me later...

Oh! Here comes Peter Cottontail
Hoppin down the bunny trail
Hippity Hoppin, Easter's on its way
(Gene Autry - Peter Cottontail)


Ronnie said...

I hate this time of year. UGH! I just want to give up my red meat and never see another piece of chocolate again!

Beth Ann said...

Two foot chocolate bunny...really?? Lord have mercy. If I see that at Tom Thumb when I grocery shop tonight, I will fall off my rocker.

Continuing our peeps best friend from high school's sister was deathly afraid of them. No joke. People would put them on her pillow and stuff as a joke and she would absolutely lose her sh*t! She would have nightmares that they were hunting her down. Totally random, but every time I see them I laugh about that.

Sam said...

No more!!! I can't take it :o) I have actually gone a fully day without snacking on treats. How? I stayed away from the shops :o)