Monday, March 14, 2011


I love Spring, but I don't like "springing forward". Why?
  • It's dark too late in the morning.
  • It takes time for my body to adjust to the change in sleep patterns. Which usually ends up throwing off eating and exercise and providing everyone the joy of being around some grumpiness.
  • And, basically I think it's crap. Just sayin'. I vote for picking either daylight or standard and sticking to it. Arizona and Hawaii are smart---they just opt out. (And with a quick search looks like China, Japan, and India do as well.)
Are you a lover or a hater of daylight savings times?

A side note: The destruction across the world either from earthquakes, fires, floods, or tsunamis has really been weighing on me. What I saw on the news was horrific in Japan and the continued nuclear challenges only appear to be making things worse. I can't even put it into words what I think/feel, but I thought I should at least make mention of it. My husband is on alert and may start flying there with supplies in the next few weeks. We are waiting to see if he gets orders or not.


Beth Ann said...

I'm for leaving it whatever time it is right now. :) I don't like the dark mornings either, but hate dark evenings even worse. I feel so much more productive when I have some daylight to work with!

Leslie said...

I think it's crap too.

And that's just my two cents. It's not worth having my week all thrown off. If we are just patient we will have nice light evenings soon enough.