Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sucking it Up!

I honestly have started the year feeling a bit blah. I can't quite put my finger on why. Weather? Job? I have no idea. I've hit the point that I just don't care to try and figure it out anymore and am just moving on to "sucking it up".

I turned down the new job. That position is setup to fail. It was a very difficult decision as passing up on any role can have a negative impact on your career progression. I explained what I thought were the challenges of the role and how I thought they could be addressed and thanked them for the opportunity. Don't you worry though, I still mentioned in all of that I was looking for a promotion! ; ) I won't be holding my breath though, I am honestly very very thankful to have a job I mostly enjoy and work for someone that respects me and my work.

I have not been reading blogs either! Good grief!

So, in the whole sucking it up theme, I am posting my training plan. I might have to modify it now and then because of things going on, but I still need to get the mileage in for the week. I need to see if I can force my own hand and sign up for the race. In the meantime, to help with my accountability, I am going to go ahead and post my plan with strikethroughs/changes as the weeks go on. Wish me luck!...or just kick me in the butt now and then if you don't see anything.

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