Friday, January 21, 2011

My Office Mate

For the most part, I am lucky that I work from home - no commute, no makeup, reduces clothing budget, more productive, and many other things! Anyway, sometimes that means I start work at butt-crack-thirty and at times I'll plan in one room before I go to my office. My office mate was very active today and she was very very busy. I had to take some pictures.

Hey, let me help you with that. You aren't doing it right!
Oh, let me get a better look at that. What do you mean you can't type?
Back to work!
BREAK TIME! (Notice now in a different position)
You need a lot of supervision! I have my eye on you!
Safety first! Security patrol.
I'm not sure what my office mate was up to after this point, but I am sure she was very busy the rest of the day!

Yesterday's training run was C-O-L-D! The temperature was 29, which is not bad for most areas in January, but it was the wind that was the killer! It was something ridiculous like 11 with the windchill. But I told myself you HAVE to get this run in. There are only 3 training runs a week and no way to move this run because I also have to have a day of rest. Bright sides: it was dry, I have warm clothes, and I did it. And, as usual, I was glad I did it...after it was over!

I tried to view my training schedule on my last post and realized it's super hard to read. I'm going to have to work on an alternate way of recording it so I can go back and check it out.


Justawallflower said...

This is just too adorable!

Mo said...

So very cute!

Our office mate insists on sitting on the same chair as you...after all it's a great work out for your thighs to balance on the edge right?

Sam said...

She is so adorable.