Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My favorite number: 11

11 has always been my favorite number. It was always the number I had in the sports I played and I HAD to have that number. Today is a really cool day, but not only cause it is 1-1-11 (oh, and yes, 11:11 on the clock is also my favorite)...I had said that I was going to say something about my job, well I started that conversation and it seems that I might have a new job...go figure.

I'm honestly in shock more than anything - and not in a bad way. You know how you have those talks now and then in your head and you plan it all out cause you are sure if you don't you are going to massively screw it up? Yep, I spent an entire day of conversations of how it could go with me raising the concerns that I head. I barely got started and this was never one of the scenarios. Anyway, I'm one of those put it in writing people, so who knows.

I have a training plan. A training plan for a half marathon, SIGH. I AM GOING TO SUCK IT UP AND DO IT! I want to talk to my "coach" before I sign up as I am considering a pace team and want to get her thoughts on it. I plan to knock that out tomorrow. Then I am going to bite the bullet. And ya know what is stupid? I have done one before. It was one of those things - "I am going to do a marathon by the time I'm 30" deals for me. I hated the half and decided I never needed to do a marathon unless I was in a car.

My goal is to finish the half. No time requirements, nothing. My friend is convinced this is where I went wrong. I was set on a time and come hell or high water I was going to do it. As a result, I was gutting it out and I HATED it. So, that's right. No completion TIME, just to finish. Stay tuned and please plan on beating the hell out of me if I do not get a half marathon in, because I will NOT have a valid excuse. (This is another reason I am putting this all out here today. I won't have to think very hard about where this post is when I need to give myself a kick in the ass. So for future reading: QUIT MAKING EXCUSES AND JUST DO IT!)

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