Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My New BFF

I had heard people say how great foam rollers are, including the a$$kicker at bootcamp, but figured my stretches were good enough. Some days I am sore, but not miserable sore, just I've worked out sore. Yesterday I got an instant cash coupon in the mail for 15 bucks to a local athletic store and figured I could make a 10 buck investment to find out what was sooooo great about this foam thing. My hubby went with me and said, "I bet we can get that same thing at H0me Dep0t for 5 bucks" (funny guy, huh?). So, while watching tv last night I just rolled away. I even got hubby to try it out. Well, this morning after 8 billion swings and my training run yesterday, not a lick of soreness. My foam roller is my new bff. Got foam roller?


Colls said...

I used to take a Strength and Alignment class at my old gym. The roller was my favorite part of the class! Feel so amazing! She would have us do these stretches flat on the ground first, then do them again on the roller and then once more on the floor. You could really feel the difference! <3

Nella said...

Thanks for your comment...I really do appreciate it!
It may be torturous but I think I am gonna have to bite the bullet on this one and GO! He did say, "he will get over it"!