Monday, January 31, 2011


The birthday was a success! We went out to a fancy restaurant and hubby had half a cow (that's the pic with the two round, extremely healthy, butter discs on it). I ordered a filet which for some reason I neglected taking a picture of, but yet I got a picture of all the booze - go figure. We also had caesar salad, which I would have preferred that they cut up for me, and some lobster macaroni and cheese. For dessert, we ordered some handmade truffles which were also just OK.

So, restaurant wise, I thought the food was OK. We definitely thought that it was an "experience" meal, but not a place we plan on going to again because we felt it was too expensive for the quality of what we had. It just didn't live up to my expectations, BUT we had a great time. We had an intimate booth and just enjoyed the time together. It was romantic and just loads of fun. So that made it all worth it.

Last week was definitely a week of food, food, and more food. Between the meetings I had for work which are always foodfests and the birthday celebration, I definitely ate more than a normal week. But when I look back at what I chose to eat, I really didn't do too poorly overall. Unlike the birthday meal where everything was very decadent, I made better choices the rest of time. Overall, I am very happy with how I navigated through it and that I just didn't eat everything in sight (there was plenty of oh so band friendly high calorie slider food!).

Unfortunately bootcamp was cancelled a couple days last week and I had a bad run on Wednesday. My tummy was NOT happy. I had to come home. I know what it was though - just too much food that I am just not used to eating. Not volume per se as I tried to keep to bandster portions, but in richness.

I still have not weighed this year. I thought about it last week and decided that it was crazy. Eating high sodium, etc. - why am I going to weigh in and freak out? Which for me leads to a lot of stress and other crap. I put on my dress slacks and they fit fine - so forget it. Plus I wore a tight skirt with a form fitting sleevelss top on Friday. When my hubby saw me, he looked at me and said, "you look hot". What more does a girl really need than that?!

Last Week's Plan

Monday – BC / 3 miles (3)
Tuesday – BC
Wednesday – BC / 4 miles (2.33 major tummy issues! Had to cut it short)
Thursday – BC was cancelled : (
Friday – BC was cancelled : (
Saturday - 6 miles (6)
Sunday – OFF

Calories: 2762...The () is actual mileage.

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Bunny said...

Wise choice not to weigh and give yourself those stresses again. If I gain, the first thing I wanna do is eat! ridiculous, but there we go.

Keep up the good work!

x bunny x