Saturday, January 08, 2011

And it continues...

Nope, I did not win MegaMillion$, but two lucky people shared the big prize. I remain behind and have started the new year with a bad attitude about my job. I am going to have to figure out how to navigate through it stat! Otherwise, I am concerned it could get worse and go into other areas (more important areas too!) in my life. I have a meeting on Monday with my boss and plan to have my areas of concern PC'd by then. Ah well, can't think about it too much, cause honestly it's just not worth it. It will work out and I need to remember to focus on the things that I can change.

Anyway, bootcamp was good last week, but my Polar was acting up. It just kept dropping the heart rate. I actually broke down and READ the manual and am trying all the things that it says. I am thinking that my rinsing of the band may not have been enough to clean it after 7-8 months. Not sure.

Embarrassing, but true, the decorations are almost down, but one room remains. It will be finished this weekend, but then the cleaning starts to try and get up all the damn glitter. Hubby was nice about that though and said why don't we just have someone come in and clean the house to take care of it so you don't have to. So, unless I am feeling it, I might just do that.

I am still feeling a bit fluffy in some of my clothes, but figure I'll remain away from the scale. I'm just back in maintenance mode - generally eating well and exercising. Band wise - it's just there. For me, this far out, I will just remain where I am - which was years ago at this point when there was .2 (does that even count?) - that I last knew how much fluid is in there. I will continue what I have been which is I eat band portions, but when I'm hungry, I'll just eat more.

I'm trying to think of things that I'd want to ask/know reading this (please leave things in the comments if you do want to ask something!) and come up with - well, aren't you on a diet then? And, my answer is no. Band or no band, you have to make choices. I think it's one of the things that people learn on this journey. If I had eaten crap the majority of the time, then I know I would not have gotten to where I am now (which even surpassed my original expectations - blew them away really!).

Over the years, the band has helped me develop a different relationship with food. For me, this was the key. I also rediscovered activities that I used to love and new ones that have led to a very active lifestyle. So, while I have a band, bottom line what is also there is generally good food choices and moving. Funny how that sounds exactly like someone without a band, huh? And, I also am a firm believer that this was not an easy way out. It was a ton of work mentally and physically. Ooooo, getting on a soapbox, please if you want to know something though, please ask and don't be shy. I can remember when I started my journey wanting to ask questions, but there wasn't anyone out there that had the band a long time to ask!

I'm off to a 5K! Hopefully my Polar will cooperate!

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Island Bandit said...

Just popping in to say Hi and Happy New Year

Glad you're going to face the work issues. we spend far too much of our time at work to be miserable there.

I'd take hubby up on the house cleaning offer :)