Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Yup, it's confirmed...

I desperately need a vacation and I swear my hormones are out of whack. Evidence:
  • I am grumpy to co-workers. (Oh, and kinda HATING my job right now!)
  • I was talking to my husband on the phone today and started crying for pretty much no reason...niiiiceee!
  • I swear I am having hot flashes, but I've never had one to know for sure, so I'm not sure. Women have tried to describe what it feels like to them and I kinda think it sounds like it, but then not really....arrrggghhhh!
    • Recently visited the doc and all hormones, vitamins, and other such full workup crap is totally normal. While this is good, I really wanted something to be off to explain what is up with me!
    • And more TMI on this bullet, I had a hysterectomy and experience fake periods, but all of this is just different.
  • This is manifesting itself during a super bad (no not the movie, although I highly recommend it) time as this is an off week for camp. The trainers have been a bit flaky, so I only have 3 days of camp, but am trying to see if I can get a 4th day.
    • Why yes, I could get my a$$ out and do something on my own or *shudder* go to the gym, but please see other bullets as to why that just ain't happening at this time. : )
  • I haven't been reading blogs! The horror!
  • Eating for the right reasons is very hard right now. (aka - I want to eat crap food all the time)
  • I'm whining in this post!
  • Unfortunately, I think my first stop toward making it to my vacation destination is Slumpville....*SIGH*
OK, so I'm over it. : ) Well not really, but I will be and I am working through it...Anyone have any cheese?

Weekly Round Up
  • 5 bootcamps
  • Calories: 3064
Coming up this week *drum roll*
  • No more posts with whining!
  • Get caught up with blog reading.
  • Camp 3 times minimum
  • By request, a picture of the swimsuits.
  • A post about why coupons are good for clothes shopping! OK, it's really about the clothes that I got super cheap 'cause it's quite a pile even for me the queen of bargain shoppping and coupons. : )
And I will leave you with another creature that appeared in the yard:
It's hard to tell because, go figure, I didn't have a ruler with me to put next to the turtle, but the shell was about 15 inches in length! (The turtle is sooo over me taking the pictures can't you tell?)


Cat's Chic Chat said...

I completely understand disliking your job. I really like my coworkers but I'm sorta over my job right now.

Love the pic of the turtle! Thanks for sharing.

Laura Belle said...

I'm totally in the same funk! I just bit the head off this little old man that works here, who was just trying to help do something for me. I'm an ass.

I think, for me, it has to do with my hubby being out of town all week and I'm sooo stressed out with getting every little thing done before he gets back. Like clean the house and do the laundry. What the hell, I'll just make him do it! Yippee....I already feel better!

MandaPanda said...

A turtle with 'tude...I love it.

I'm hearing you on just not feeling it this week. Work is sucky, food is sucky and exercise is nonexistent. At least you're getting some in. Hang in there!

Beth Ann said...

I think it is superfunk season!! As you can tell by this extremely tardy post, I haven't been reading either. I hope that things level out for you soon.