Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tread Lightly!

There's a wood chipper in my yard. For real. The trees are getting a haircut today.
Excuse me sir, but can I take a picture of your chipper? Nope. I'm a whimp and couldn't let them see me taking a picture, so I took it from inside the house. But nobody better be gettin' on my bad side today 'cause there's a chipper in my yard! : )

They will also tackle this dead tree:

I'll let you know how many bodies end up it goes with the chipper. My chipper fascination started with the movie Fargo. : )

Other news:

The desserts are officially catching up with me. I wore my best fitting slacks to work yesterday. A pair that provides absolutely no room for forgiveness and they were a bit snugger than normal. Nah, not sweating it or getting on the scale, but I do need to cut back a bit (no desserts to my desserts!) and tell myself no. The thought of  trouncing around (why yes, I do "trounce") in a swimsuit in less than 3 weeks should also help hold me back a bit!

I am meeting up with the fantastic Beth Ann tomorrow!!

Weekly Round Up
  • 5 bootcamps
  • Calories: 2854


Justawallflower said...

Okay, there should be some unspoken rule that if a blogger is having a chipper at their house for a limited amount of time we get a heads up!!! I have no time to find a way to get my "unwanted" there before it is gone!!!

Cat's Chic Chat said...

Haha! They said a good friend won't just come and bail you out in jail, but will be right there beside you saying what a rush!

Love your attitude about dealing with the snug pants! You can do it!

Read said...

I love love love Fargo!!

And a good wood chipper is a very cool thing indeed!