Tuesday, May 31, 2011


That's me driving by! Things are hectic with me trying to get everything done before leaving for Mexico. So, just a quick post and I'll be back next week!

Weight. I forgot. While I divorced the scale, the nurse was adamant that I had to weigh. I explained to her why I didn't want to, but she was honestly a bit of a )(@#*$)@(#$* so I just stepped on the scale. I had clothes on and weighed 130 lbs, so this no weighing stuff is really working for me. The last time I had weighed, I was 129 lbs in my b-day suit (nekkid).

Oh, and the doctor did say that was horse crap and would note it in my file for the next time so that it would be my choice if I wanted to weigh or not. She's very happy with my journey and how I have maintained my loss (ob-gyn). She has other patients that also have a band and I guess it hasn't been a smooth ride.

Slumpville. Ya me! My stretch goal for the "slump" week was to get 4 camps in. Working through my slump on my blog just seemed to work me out of it and I put on my big girl panties and got to it! : )

Nails. I had that gel nail polish put on my nails. It's not supposed to come off like regular nail polish and grow out. I thought they'd be perfect for time in the pool. Um, 2 days. That's right. 1 day in the pool and sure nuff those puppies started peeling off. Grrrrr! I think there was something wrong with the application. I am going to try and fit in a trip back, but not sure I have the time between now and when I leave.

Exercise & eating. I am planning 3 camps minimum before I leave. If I have room in my suitcase, I will pack workout clothes, but I don't have any plan to use them. But if the mood strikes me, I'll have the clothes to do it. I find the water aerobics and other "active" activities to be a hoot, so I plan to participate in those. The objective for this short trip is to relax and be "off the grid". I plan to eat and drink what I want and do a whole lot of hanging out, reading, and napping. I can hardly wait!
Nos vemos la próxima semana! Adiós por ahora!
Disclaimer & soapbox thought: I am not fluent. I speak brokenly and usually have a ton of errors, but I think it's better to attempt to use the native language than not at all. It amazes me (appalls actually) that Americans go to Mexico and are upset because everyone isn't fluent in English. Um, it's Mexico????

Weekly Round Up
•6 bootcamps
•Calories: 3503


Laura Belle said...

Love your disclaimer/soapbox! i completely agree. Sometimes Americans can be such buttwipes.

Have fun on your vaca!

Beth Ann said...

Ugly Americans make me want to punch something. Have a super fun time!!

Read said...

Americans are total buttwipes - I love that word - LOL. Have a great vacation!!

Cat's Chic Chat said...

I truly believe we are Amerigo-centric and I agree completely, it's better to try the native language than to assume that you'll find someone who speaks English! Love your Dr taking your side about the weighing!

Justawallflower said...

I hope you have a fantastic vacation! So jealous! We go to Mexico at least every other year, and I can't say more than "Hello, my name is..." My daughter and I are going to learn as soon as I'm done with school (Sept.). Great job on the force weigh in!

Liz said...

Hi Fluffy,

I saw that you were following me and it looks like I have LOTS of reading to do to catch up! I have a touch of OCD so I like to go back and read the entire thing :) Wanted to leave you a comment now, in case it takes me a while...I have a feeling I will learn a lot from your blog!