Wednesday, September 22, 2010

You Just Have to Laugh

Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself. Sometimes it even is out loud. I experienced that this morning when I got back from bootcamp and looked in the mirror. I thought, "Man, what's up with my shorts?". Upon further inspection, I figured out that indeed they looked weird...Cause I had put them on and worn them INSIDE OUT!

For a brief second I wondered if anyone noticed, and then I realized I ddin't care. And what good would it have been for anyone to tell me if they did notice? Not like I had a place to switch them around and honestly who cares? I'm there to workout not put on a fashion show. Dang, maturity (a.k.a. getting older) sometimes pays off.


Nella said...

Sometimes you just gotta laugh!

TJ said...


I did that once with a sweater. It looked the same inside and out - except you could see the flat seams if you looked closer. It was really early I and was running late for work. My problem is that the girl who noticed told everyone else but me. Someone finally came and told me and I felt so stupid. But I am probably the only person that even remembers it!