Sunday, September 19, 2010

Thanksgiving Day Race?

Here in Dallas there is a 5K and an 8 mile race that takes place on Thanksgiving day. When I first moved to Texas, I had participated in the 8 mile race each year. Then depression, fat, etc. so I stopped. This year I am considering starting up the tradition again. The 5K honestly would not be worth the effort and hassle of going downtown on Thanksgiving where there will be over 40K people in attendance, so it's the 8-mile race or bust.

I asked my hubby if he wanted to do it with me and his response was, "Who will be chasing me? 'Cause that's the only way I'll be going 8 miles." Which I found pretty funny actually. He'll do the 5K though if I decide to do the race.

Why am I hesitant? (1) I'm not really sure what is happening for Thanksgiving yet (did you realize it's about 10 weeks away?? Can you believe it???) and (2) I'm kinda scared. I know I can do it---as in finish, even if I have to walk. I am just worried about a totally pathetic finish time. My "worst" time to date is under 80 mins. And while I know all that matters is finishing, it still makes me hesitant. Honestly, I just need to GET OVER IT!

I'm a bit concerned that my weekly mileage is not really setting me up so well for an 8 mile race because boot camp will remain my focus. So, I might do a 10K in October and see how that goes. Who knows. I'm rambling and at this point no decisions have been made.

I hadn't weighed in a while---maybe not even since I returned from vacation, but the good news is I'm still within my weight range.

Polar Round Up for last week: Whoa - I didn't realize it was this much!
  • 7 hours 53 mins
  • 4565 cals

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