Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Blogging Works...

Seriously. I got up yesterday morning. Felt like crap. I started getting ready and said "nope" - sinus infection - I could feel the pressure with each step. Need to go to the doc. So I went to the doc, got antibiotics, etc. and figured I'd just go to bootcamp Tuesday morning. Day goes on and the pounding and pressure is going down (thanks to the shot of antibiotics in the ass). Getting close to night bootcamp. Should I? Shouldn't I? Hubby says, "Skip it, you're not feeling well." ....Get my clothes on...Should I? Shouldn't I? Uh oh - I have to get 5 bootcamps in. If I don't go tonight, then I'll have to go TWO times another day to hit my 5 day commitment that I put on my blog....so I took my not so happy ass and went to bootcamp. Oops, please ignore the fact that I said that I would put a smile on when I went to camp...I was sick remember?!!! : )

I didn't get that extra workout in that I thought I might. So 5+1 for last week. According to my Polar: 5 hours 38 minutes for 3091 calories.

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Janice said...

Great willpower and follow thru! Send some my way! 3091 calories is nothing to sneeze at!