Saturday, October 29, 2005

Tests Done / Surgery Date

All tests are done. *Passed* them all, so I got a surgery date! The date of my surgery is November 16. I have a pre-op with the surgeon the day before. I have managed to freak myself out numerous times by reading a lot of information (mainly Yahoo! groups) that makes me wonder if I am making the right decision. *sigh*

I can lose the weight. I just can't keep it off. On top of it, everytime I put weight back on, I put on more! At the rate I'm going, I could end up being 300 pounds. So, at least today, I am going forward with the surgery.

I started the pre-surgery diet today -- a couple days early. I was supposed to start on Tuesday, but I decided I better start of the weekend, so I could adjust. Let me tell you the pre-op shakes are disgusting! I don't care what anyone says, I hate it. So, I just plug my nose and drink. I'm not sure that I buy into the hype of the myocel product that I was asked to use, so I also went and got some protein powder from Wal-mart. It tastes a tad bit better.

So, for today I have had two shakes, a chicken breast, and a can of beans. I will likely have some SF jello later this evening. I am hoping to lose 10 pounds before I have the surgery.

18 days to surgery....

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