Tuesday, October 11, 2005

No Problem!

Yep, that is what the shrink said about the lap band. I was scared. I thought they might say that they weren't going to support it. Guess there is all around agreement that I'm fat! In this case, it is a good thing. The shrink said that it is likely that the medication will go down over time because of weight loss. I was thinking hell ya it is going down 'cause this will assist with one of the contributing factors to my depression!

Next step: the consultation on Friday with the lap band doctor. I need to get the paperwork finished. There is quite a lot of it. Assuming things go like I plan they will---I'm a good candidate. The next step will be to schedule the surgery and the special pre-surgery diet. I call it the liver diet. No, you don't eat liver, but I will be drinking this stuff that is good for shrinking my liver. They need the liver to be as small as possible to prevent bruising to it when they do the laproscopic surgery.

I have to say that I go back and forth and back and forth on this. It is very scary. Thinking: is it the right thing to do, what if something goes wrong, etc. Which brings me to another thing--I am not planning on telling anyone. I do not want to hear about how stupid it is, shouldn't do it, just get my fat ass in gear, etc. Been there, done that. I spend plenty of my time in inner debate about these things without a bunch of people commenting.

I did tell my best friend though. I had to tell someone 'cause someone has to pick you up from the surgery. Well that's it for now.

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