Friday, June 24, 2011

Not Mo Jo, but Mojito

It all started with one really good mojito. (ok maybe it was two)
Who doesn't want a couple pygmy goats? (You can't have just one, they get lonely.) I figure we can house and crate train them to get around the home owner's association and the city oridinance that they are farm animals and not allowed. Who'd be the wiser right? Check these two out and you'll see why I want them.
You want one, I mean two, now don't you? Before you think I've lost my mind. Here's what my husband wants:

I don't know what his deal is with big dogs. The bigger the better in his book. We've been trying to come up with a dog we can both agree on, but we haven't landed on one yet. We did take a trip to a breeder to see some labradoodles here in TX.

Awwwwww, right? Too bad they don't stay that size. Needless to say, no goats or a puppy were purchased. We're sticking with the wild kingdom in the backyard for now.

And you thought this wasn't band related? I have a new slogan I'm a B.A.D.E, pronunciation - bad eeee. What is it? Bandster Against Drinking and Eating of course! (Yah, I blame it on the mojitos too)

Do your part! Become a B.A.D.E today! Don't drink & eat!!!

(and yah, don't drink and drive either)

Thanks for all the great comments on "motivation"! Look at what Banded Bella said "...Motivation, to me is a mind over matter thing....when you stop minding it ceases to matter. We should always mind gaining weight or not exercising so that it always matters." I think that's great. Thanks Bella!


Laura Belle said...

Those labradoodles ARE so cute!

I always wanted a great dane too, until I found out the drool...over EVERYTHING!

Get a labradoodle, or a lab. They get big but no slobber, good tempers, and sooo sweet!!!

~Lisa~ said...

My application to B.A.D.E is in the mail!!

Ohhh those labradoodles are sooo sweet!! I have a big dog, they eat too much - thinking of banding him!

Cat said...

OMG pygmy goats!!! I totally wanted a great dane too. But I really cannot stand the thought of only having a beloved pet for about 8 maybe 9 years. It's too much love for too few years.

banded bella said...

Aww thanks so much for the mention....I say dont get either and just travel......

MandaPanda said...

OMG! Those goats are too flippin' cute! I totally want one..I mean 2.