Monday, June 13, 2011

Banging = Stomp = Husband

My husband likes to bang on things...pretty much constantly. Oh, it's not annoying at all (HA), but I have to say he does have some rhythmic skills. Thankfully the drum set is still not setup for him to add that to his banging routine.

I saw Stomp several years ago, but knew he hadn't and they had made changes to the show since I went. So we went over the weekend. After the show he said we should go to these more often and I was thinking in my head whether or not I can see him enjoying a full on musical. I think he's more Stomp, Cirque, Lion King, but who knows. We might just have to try it!

Weekly Round Up
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  • Calories: 2687


Read said...

I've never seen it but it's totally on the list - I'm sure it'll be back down here soon enough!!

Both of my sons are drummers and there is constant banging going on down here and it's very rarely on the drum set that is, in fact, set up in the basement.

Cat said...

I saw Stomp in my early 20s. LOVED it!!

Beth Ann said...

I passed on Stomp this year. I liked it but man, it is loud and I'm like an old lady. HA! Going to Billy Elliot tonight though. Glad you all had a fun time!