Monday, August 02, 2010

Wow, where did you guys all come from???

I sure appreciate you all following my blog! I'm going to go through and make sure that I am following you (Did you know there's a limit to how many blogs you can "follow"?), but if I am at my limit of blogs I can follow, no worries - I'll add you to Google Reader and get you there. In other words, I'll be reading. :)

(If you don't have your blog address in your profile - or whatever - would you mind providing me with the link to your blog? Plus others can also look here and get to your blog as well. I'm sure all of you guys are as addicted to reading about everyone's journey as I am!)

This dovetails into mentioning my new blog friend Sam who nominated me for a blogger award (versatile blogger)---I wish your cello, Lilly, a speedy recovery, Sam! Honestly, I'm not quite sure how the awards work, but I'll tell you guys this. I think you all deserve the award and hoping that by encouraging everyone to check out who is following mine, that we'll find each other. I am inspired and can relate to everyone. It's nice, because there are just some things that people that don't have a band just simply can't relate to. For those things, I come out here. So thanks to all of you for that.

The only other thing I can think of right now is my VACATION! I haven't really had a true vacation - the kind where you go somewhere not because it ties to a business trip of me or my hubby - and where I plan to tell work I am completely unavailable for FIVE years. I'm burned out. I can feel it and need a break. Plus we didn't even have a honeymoon - just a long weekend (yes, pathetic I know). So in 19 days, I am off for a beach vacation! I plan to do nothing but read, lay around, drink (yes, vacation brings out the inner boozebag in me), and r-e-l-a-x. This will mean a week of excess, so hubby and I have decided that we'll try to cut out all eating out until we go. We're not dieting - although I do jokingly refer to it to him as "the bikini diet" - but eating at home is just healthier for us. We'll see how that goes.

Last Week's Exercise Round Up from Polar:

  • 8 hours 27 mins
  • 4815 cals


Janice said...

Seems like I need to add a Polar to my Bday wish list. :) Fun tool!

It is so fun to have a vacation to look forward to, along with the "bikini diet!" :)

We are very fortunate to have fellow bloggers to share with. Great info in your previous posts. I was playing blog catchup!

Sam said...

Thanks for your kind words on Lily, it really is a wait and see time at the moment.

I have found most of the blogs I follow through other blogs, it's the best way because you generally know you are going to find a blog that you have a common interest with:)

Enjoy your vacation thoughts, but remember not to wish time away or your vacation will be over before you know it. I have been there before;)