Saturday, August 07, 2010

Survived and Thanks!

Thanks for all the supportive comments! I thought of you guys during the race and pictured you on the sideline cheering me on (yep, I'm a dork). The course was said to be hard and that was no joke. There were inclines all over the place and when you thought, "finally, some F(*&(*&# level ground", back up again it went.

Oh the weather? Well get this - about 4pm it started to POUR here. Big time. It poured for about 30 mins and then it rained for another 30. So it brought the temperature down about 10 degrees. I think it was only 95 at race time. Not bad at all (dang it - can't "really" use it as an excuse either!)

I had never run an evening 5K. I think I prefer the morning races and will likely stick to those if/when I get the urge to do one. Having the race in the evening kinda gave me too much time to think about the other 293,847 things I'd rather be doing on a Friday evening. :)

Polar Round Up (not thinking that I'll exercise today or tomorrow more than walks):
  • 6 hours 38 mins
  • 4002 cals
  • 5K race time: 31 minutes and 1 second. (Man, that really sucks! So close to 30 minutes something which considering the course and heat would have been a decent time. Oh well, it's a perfect 10 minute pace which is kinda funny.) I did place 4th in my age group with my time which I honestly found pretty shocking. : )


Sam said...

That time is very respectful... coming from someone who is in awe that you ran a 5K race:)


Jody V said...

Great job!! Great Polar results too!!

Colls said...

Wow, you made great time! Congrats! <3