Tuesday, August 03, 2010

I was thinking...

Yes, this usually means a scary post. You have been warned, but seriously I had written that last post about protein which led into other stuff and something just "stuck" with me. It was about the emotional eating. Since then I puzzled and thought and really strained my brain about "something" I missed. After a lot of deliberation by all the voices in my head, it came to me. Sometimes with the band the eating isn't emotional, it's just mental.

I was reflecting on my journey, the baggage from dieting, and just simply my baggage which has thankfully reduced over time to carry on size. There were many times when I seem to recall thinking: that's just not enough food, I know I can eat more, I want more, etc. etc. I think this is also part of the journey. Learning all of the counters to these thoughts. It is enough food. Yes, at times you feel looser and you "can" eat more, BUT just because you can does that really mean you should? The "I want more" - hell, I still have that today. Put a dessert item or candy in front of me and the "I want more" is the rule - that's just the way it is for me and I am still learning what I term "can't a little of a good thing be enough".

It really applies to exercise as well. You think things like there is no way I can do X or no way I can do X for Y amount of time, but in reality you can. Try it, you may not like it (remember - I'm the person that doesn't necessarily "like" my workouts, but LOVES how they make me feel and look), but you can do it.

Anyway, the point is that I thought about how everyone is at different points in their journey and for people early on I thought it might be helpful or a bit of an "a-ha - that's me Fluffy" to see this perspective as well. Enjoy and discuss amongst yourselves... :)

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