Monday, August 16, 2010

What a week!

I've been working extra hours to try and get ahead (OK, get caught up) in preparation for my vacation. I made some progress, but need to work extra hours again this week. My "short" day was 12 hours, but it was no excuse not to go to bootcamp, so each morning I was up and out the door at butt-crack thirty.

One day at band camp (I mean boot camp), I was the sweating like a pig (I thought I read somewhere that pigs don't even sweat and that's the whole mud deal. So what does that expression really mean?) I had been in this sweltering heat. Toward the end of class, I was really feeling the workout and running out of steam. I had been drinking water throughout class and continued after camp as well. I started my work day and about 3-4 hours later stood up and WHOA! Head rush. Definite sign of dehydration. I didn't have any electrolyte beverages around the house, so I just continued to drink water and figured I'd be fine. It was bootcamp the next day that I realized I wasn't. I was lethargic and dizzy throughout class. I did what I could and then on my way home picked up a couple G2's. I sipped on those and continued to drink water. I can't say that I immediately felt better, but by the end of the day, I did.

I mentioned it to one of my buds in class the next day. She said she had been feeling it as well and that on her drive to work that same morning of the brutal heat classs they were flashing the warnings to avoid prolonged time outside doing vigorous activity. HA!

This week we are supposed to get a break from the heat - the temperature will be 98/99 all week - but I learned long ago to take the weather predictions with a grain of salt, so we'll see. I did think it was cooler this morning, but the temperature was higher, so must have been the humidity.

Uh, when did my blog turn into a weather blog????

Polar Round Up for last week:

  • 4 hours 30 mins
  • 3425 cals


Fiona said...

I wish you could send me some of that heat, it feels like summer's over here. Well done on the workout though, you take care.

Island Bandit said...

Hi Fluffy - I did comment on one of your posts a few posts back, but just wanted to say 'hi' and introduce myself. I've just finished reading your entire blog - yup - all 5 years of it. Thank you for continuing to blog. As someone who's still about a month or so away from being banded, I've been looking for someone a few years out to see how things go in maintenance and have learned a lot from your journey.