Saturday, April 15, 2006


It's weird, but my panties all fit strange. My preference is bikini style. But lately I've noticed my panties fit like granny panties. You know high up on waist/hips. This is not a good look as they are now sticking up over my pants. I am going to have to get new ones --- I think I am down at least 2 sizes.

I have been holding off on getting new clothes. I just can't get myself to buy them when I still have 34.5lbs to go. Fortunately, I still have some in my closet that will work for now. I also have a bunch of clothes that are too big to wear, but I can't just seem to donate them to Goodwill. There's really two reasons:

1 - I have to say that I keep wondering if in the long run the band will work. I have read similar comments on other blogs of people that have had WLS. I believe it, but I don't --- it's hard to explain. I think this is normal though.

2 - Some of the clothes are just too dang cute/nice. That sounds bad and selfish, but dang it, when I'm honest I think that is part of the problem!

For now, I need to get the big clothes out of the closet. I think that will be a good first step.

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only1 said...

I remember when I was too big to wear the largest sized panties. I weighed over 500 pounds and the size 15 was too small but I still wore them, just with the butt side in the front, the front side fit my cheeks sorta like a thong but not all the way into the crack. Sorry so gross. But then, when I lost down to under 300 pounds and could wear an 11, wow, I bought colored panties. Yes, red and blue and green. I can't wait until I have the wls and can actually fit into normal panties and not just my size which really means big assed panties. While I don't wear an 11 anylonger and am back up to a 12, I will soon be losing again and can't wait. But even when I was a normal size, bikinis never fit me right. For some reason, I spent all the time trying to pull them up or down or over or something. Anyway, go panty shopping, that's one sure fire way to see that you have lost weight.