Monday, April 17, 2006

Fast Food: Taco Bell

Fast, yet healthy. I'm not kidding you. Taco Bell now has "Fresco Style". Essentially the good stuff - sauce and cheese - is substituted with a "Fiesta Salsa".

I had 2 Beef Crunchy Tacos. A bit high in fat (15 grams), but overall 300 calories. 13 grams of protein. Not the best, but for fast food I give it a thumbs up. Plus they get extra points for a website that has a nutrition calculator! It's cool, you can build your meal and get all the scoop at a click of a button.


Jessica said...

Just curious - did you eat the crunchy shell? Does the shell cause any problems for the band?

fluffy said...

Yep, the crunchy shell goes down a-ok for me. I find that I don't have any problems with crunchy stuff. (bad if it's chips ;) - but overall just can't eat as many)

I hope things are going well for you and the shoulder pain is lessening. I found keeping active worked wonders. And the heating pad the rest of the time.

Taco Bell Champion! said...

Congrats on your journey and best of luck. My uncle had a similar pocedure and is much happier now.

I am ESPECIALLY happy that you're happy with the TB's low-fat shoulders. I am in the midst of my own Taco Bell crusade. Best of luck to you!