Monday, April 03, 2006

I want JUICE!

Yes, sometimes I just really want to drink juice. The problem is that even a small amount has a lot of calories. Liquid calories - so they go straight through the band. So, I've been searching for juice-like products that are low in calories. Here are my finds:

  • Snapple - diet cranberry/raspberry - not my favorite, but it had a cool pic.
  • Diet V8 Splash - Berry Blend
  • Diet V8 Splash - Fruit Medley
  • Ocean Spray Light Juices - Love them all. Especially the ruby grapefruit.

That's my list so far. Anyone have other suggestions?


Jessica said...

Do you like Crystal Light? They have a new Raspberry Lemonade that I love! I also like that Diet V-8 Berry Blend.

fluffy said...

Hi Jessica! Hope you are doing well! (Your day is getting close!!!) Yep, Crystal Light is the only way I can choke down water. But for me, it just doesn't get the juice craving out of me. I'm not sure that I have had Raspberry Lemonade though. I'll have to check that out. Thanks!

Melting Princess said...

Hey - I just ran across your blog...

Here's a few drinks that I like...

Minute Maid LIGHT - Comes if all different flavors 10 calories, my favorite is Cherry Limeade.

Hawaiian Punch LIGHT - 10 calories, made with splenda.

Hope that helps!