Thursday, December 22, 2011


This time of year always makes me think about the year before. Last year our house was all decked out and we had a big holiday party. This year the holidays didn't turn out as we hoped and my husband left early in December to go overseas and won't return until mid-January. Our separation and limited contact has definitely put a damper on my holiday spirit, but compared to so many others we are extremely fortunate. So not to sound trite, I have been focusing on my blessings.

One thing I have noticed year after year on this journey is that I no longer look back on the prior year with regret. 7ish years ago that was not the case. I'd find myself wishing:
  • I had started eating better, exercising, or losing weight the prior year.
  • I had continued on some progress that I had made the year before.
While the band is a tool that helped me get to where I am today, it is by no means the sole reason for my success. When I made the decision to get banded, I was at a crossroads. I was done. My life had to change and it was the first step of many in making permanent changes. The band was definitely a catalyst, but eating well most of the time and exercising are also required. I think that's the key to my success. Amy wrote a really good post that I totally agree with. Go check it out here.

I am currently drafting my wellness goals ƒor 2012 and will close 2011's wellness goals around the new year. I am finishing the year strong and am excited about it!

So, I challenge anyone that happens to read this post: What will you find yourself thinking at this time next year? What will you do to ensure your success in 2012?

Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays!


♫ Drazil ♪ said...

Love you Fluffy!

Cat said...

What a great post Fluffy! For the very first time, I am ending the year with gusto for the new year to start. Like you mentioned, previously I would end the year wishing that I had kept my resolutions from the previous year etc. You've given me a bunch to think about and I think I will post a recap for this year as well in the coming week. Thank you for continued awesome!

Laura Belle said...

Ya know, until I read it on your post, I didn't think about if I 'regretted' last year or not. I usually do too. But....not so much this year. Even though the scale didn't move, I ran a 5K! That's huge in my book.
And I think I have more confidence than ever because of, well, all the changes that I implemented this year.

So nope, I don't regret last year at all. It's a damn good feeling!!!!

Ronnie said...

Happy holidays, Fluff!

By the way, we totally need to go shopping sometime soon... beat the holiday stress with our bootheels! :)

Andrea said...

That stinks about your husband, but glad you're choosing to focus on your blessings!

Merry Christmas!

Jody V said...

I'm thinking of fitness goals like you make! I want to be accountable.

Dawnya said...

I've started working on my 2012 wellness goals. You inspire me daily. Thank you for sharing your journey...for sharing yourself...and just for being you.