Thursday, December 08, 2011

It's Started!

During the summer (that never seemed to end!), I can remember thinking at camp (1) it was hot; (2) I'll be glad when it is cold (I prefer cold over the brutal heat & humidity personally) and (3) the whinefest would shortly switch gears from hot to cold. Thursday:

And, yes, it's started! It was mild whining early in the week, but it increased as the week progressed. It got a bit on my nerves *sigh*, but I think the holiday season is contributing to that. It's early in the morning and dark, I'd rather be snuggled in my bed and warm too. We all know it's cold and I don't think there is one of us that is really *glad* to be there. (Just glad when we're done!) So, put a sock in it!
In other news, I recently had a birthday...and need to update my sidebar to 43!!!! Not that I know what 43 is *supposed* to feel like, but I just don't feel 43. I got a few new clothes and had mentioned to my husband that I wanted a ceramic watch, and tada:

Instead of cake on my birthday, I decided I wanted an ENTIRE bag of D0ve milk chocolate squares. I divided them into 7 bags and ate a bag for 7 days straight.

I'm guessing there's someone that might be thinking something along the line of that's a lot of calories, she's gaining weight, that's maintenance? an entire bag? etc. While the chocolate isn't necessarily quality calories, it was less than an extra 200 calories per day. Hell, the slice of carrot cake I like from ch33secake factory has more calories than the entire bag of chocolates anyway! So, as an isolated week it may seem like a lot--or potentially a slippery slope, but in the big picture it's not. And, I also don't plan to make it a regular occurrence!....until my next birthday! : )


FitBy40 said...

Awww, happy birthday to you!
Glad you got exactly what you wanted.

MandaPanda said...

Happy Birthday! And that is freakin' cold!

As for the're going to take in extra calories for your birthday anyway so it might as well be on something that you really enjoyed and you got to enjoy it over 7 days instead of just 1. Works for me.

trisha said...

happy birthday! it's freezing arse here too!!

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday! Love that watch!

Laura Belle said...

Digging the watch! Too cool!

I think the bag of Dove's is a great idea. Just portion it out, and if it's around 200 cal.....pffssstttt, who gives a poo!

Dawnya said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! You should have told me. I could have called and sang you a birthday song. LOL

I can't believe you get up that early. I can barely get out of bed to get to work on time. I would still be whining. Morning person I am not.

I love your watch. The honey is so sweet.