Friday, November 12, 2010

Round Up and Raging

Man, I'm glad it's Friday. I was hoping things would slow down at work, but no such luck. I forgot my round up from last week, so putting both here so I have them logged.

I am convinced that I have no restriction at all as my appetite is raging. It just feels different and is a bit hard to explain. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about it at this point.

I honestly wonder if they would even give me a fill and I am not a fan of the cattle call place that I go to for fills. I'd really like to speak to someone that will give me more than a blank stare as that's how I feel about the place I currently go to. I can't even remember the last time I went. It could be pushing 2 years at this point- YIKES! And, I am guessing I weigh about 15 lbs less from what I remember weighing in there.

Here's what I envision: I go in and PAY out of my pocket $120 bucks. I fill out the sheet with all of their questions. I go back to the "person" (hmmmm, I just realized I don't even know the credentials these people really have). Weigh. And the response is: you are right where you need to be - "no fill for you" (ha ha Seinfeld reference). Anyway, who knows, but I can tell you I would be PISSED if this happened, because if I do go in, it would be for an itty bitty tiny fill and that's what I'd be paying for.

Aaarrrggghhhh, I'm just going to think about it and if my weight remains stable, my clothes are fitting, and I'm not hungry 24 hours a day, then maybe this is really the right spot for me for now.

Rambling...babbling...that's pretty much where I am on my band at the moment.

Polar Round Up for This Week:
  • 5 hours 45 minutes
  • 3153 calories
Polar Round Up Last Week:
  • 4 hours 21 mins
  • 2463 calories

1 comment:

Jody V said...

Hey Fluffy -

At least your not gaining. I can't seem to get even one pound off at all. Not sure why either. Good luck deciding on "to fill or not to fill".