Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dear Hubby...

While you think and say that Veterans Day here in the US is for those "people that get shot at", it really is about everyone that has served, is serving, or lost his or her life for our country. It's every single person in the military regardless of his or her role that makes it what it is. You spent years of your life serving your country full time as a military officer and deserve a "thank you" and even decided to continue your service since. While we have struggled with this first year or so of our marriage, one thing has remained steady for me. I have never doubted loving you (just sometimes didn't like you very much and wondered if we should really be married - HA!). I am proud of you and I thank you for your service.

To every single person that has served or is serving in the US military - thank you for your service. To those of you that lost a loved one, there are no words adequate enough, but please know that there are many people across the nation that are thinking of (and thanking) every one of them that made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

Should you happen to see someone today that is part of the military today (or any other day), please consider saying "thank you for your service". I know that when my husband is in his uniform and people say things to him that deep down it means a lot.


Silverhairedgoddess said...

Well said !

Your husband and all those who serve their country are heroes!

God Bless them all!

Darlin1 said...

Absolutely!!! Well said!