Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Texas Fair

I did make it to the fair! Just a few blurbs about it and other thoughts at the end...

Big Tex!

Steer - $101,000. Nope, that's not a typo. Get this, the steer from the Fort Worth Stock Show usually goes for more than this.

Goat - I believe both the sheep and the goat remained for sale. I think goats are cute. I have always said to my husband I want a goat. He thought I was crazy. Then he saw this goat and others and now HE wants a goat. HA!

Pig - OK, this pig was big (and went for $10,000), but there was a pig that was seriously 4x the size of this one. It was kinda gross to me, it was just strangely BIG!

Food - 1/4 of a corn dog with mustard, 1 chicken strip, and about 4 fries. What I had was good, but I had enough. I didn't want anymore fried food EXCEPT the fried cookie dough. I didn't have the cookie dough though because I didn't think it was worth standing in line. I did check out the fried beer. My guess is that it was frozen and then sealed into ravioli pasta --- so, looked like beer filled ravioli to me, but I didn't see anyone eating it. The line for fried frit0 pie was INSANE! Seriously. I saw the battered and fried bacon - honestly, I thought it looked disgusting.

Other thoughts...
  • Thanks for the nice compliments on my last post! I didn't plan to take it in a sports bra and when I went to upload the pics is when I noticed it, but said "what the hell". In reading some posts today, I consider this my exposed post. One thing I've been working on is ELIMINATING negative talk about my body. I immediately started picking at the pics and after the first thought in my mind yelled STOP. It's just a habit and a bad one and I'm just not going to do it anymore!
  • I am a little pre-occupied with my 5 year (band) anniversary in Novemeber. I guess technically 5 years should be calculated from goal weight vs. banding date, but oh well --- maybe I'll just mark both. It's funny, the first year was a big deal and my recollection is that the others kind of came and went. This one is different. I think it will be the same for 10 years.
  • Angela and Nella - Are you guys in North Texas?

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Angela said...

I am, far North Dallas area! We should meet up sometime!