Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Larry & I...

I have a relationship with Larry. It goes many many years back. If Larry isn't on it, then I'm not eating it! Huh? Wait, aren't you married? (Yes.) Anyone know who Larry is?

He's the dude on the Quak3r 0ats box. Yep, seriously his name is Larry. And yes, Larry is related to this post, because much like my blog which is pink this month, so is Larry!

If you live in the US, unless it's under a rock, you know this month is Breast Cancer Awareness month. So, if you haven't done so, FEEL YOUR BOOBIES! (And this applies to everyone worldwide!).

As I continue to get leaner, my port is starting to bother me...again. Not physically, but cosmetically. At one point, I was going to go see the surgeon about it, but then I found out I'd have to pay for an office visit (self pay and insurance has covered nothing) and decided not to. Man, I found that post. It was 65 bucks and I decided not to go. Kinda funny, but I am pretty sure that I was thinking at the time that the 65 is just a drop in the bucket. Estimated cost was about $2K --- which I think is a lot for a stupid port. Especially when I factor in the risk for infection, etc. Anyway, just something that popped in my head...I seem to recall reading somewhere that they use a different technique for attaching the port now, so hopefully that has reduced this risk for people since.


Island Bandit said...

I think that's one of the thinks I'm most concerned about - port stickage outage. Now I have a long way to go before that's even on my radar, but I know it'll be an issue for me. Another friend of mine in blogland has been told that there's really no place to relocate it to and so once she's maintained for a certain period of time she may have to consider having the port removed.... not sure how i'd feel about that! I read on someone else's blog about a new remote control band that's being developed. I'd imagine there's no need for a port with that one, but maybe there is in case the mechanics go wonky. Have you considered 'shopping around'? I know the Strax institute in south Florida is advertising the surgery at cheaper than usual US pricing so maybe there's a deal for port relocation too?

Fluffy said...

Thanks for the comment and ideas---I called around and everyone pretty much said - sure, come on in for an office fee!

I don't think my port needs to be relocated. It's sitting on it's side and it makes it stick out. It's low profile and I think if it was just stitched back in place it would be fine--or good enough anyway. But it's purely cosmetic as they have been able to push it down, etc. when I was getting adjustments, so I start thinking about the risk of getting an infection and then think - hell, no one has noticed it at this point (it doesn't bother my husband). The only way anyone else could really see it is if I'm in a bikini. So, I go back to telling myself to get over it. Well other than -itching about it now and then on my blog. ; )