Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Basically I'm swamped, but I wanted to get a few things down...
  1. So, I went to this big fancy mall where I didn't find any jeans, but I did see a duck standing on a turtle. We stood there convinced this was a fluke until 10 mins later the duck was still on that turtle. Yep, the turtle was alive and at one point even moved around, but the duck just stayed right on top.
  2. I went and saw Warri0r which I enjoyed, but it also hit close to home so was hard for me to watch in parts. After the movie, I said to my husband that I swore I missed my calling and that I really was supposed to be a U F C fighter. Well, if my pals at Group0n didn't hear me say that and what did I find and get? 10 real live boxing training sessions for cheap! ....The being hit, hitting someone, and the blood will prevent me from pursuing this second career. I'll stick with bags and mitts. : )
  3. I also purchased a month of yoga and need to figure out when I can start and get the most sessions in.
  4. I met up with Beth Ann and Angela. BTW - they look a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!!! It has been so exciting for me to watch their progress.
  5. At our meeting place, there were lots of signs of fall! Um, too bad the weather this week is not fall-ish! (Today it's supposed to be 106!)

  6. Angela was my lucky charm and I did find one pair of jeans...for cheap! Score!
  7. And yes, a pair of shoes were also purchased. My husband's reaction to them - those are sexy. Perfect!
  8. I made a scallop dish that turned out way better than I expected. : ) The sear was much better on my husband's plate, but his just didn't look as pretty. 

  9. The pris0n shower still doesn't have any more information, but it made for a fun conversation at bootcamp this morning with other people that are also doing the race and wondering.
  10. The Hunger Game$ Trilogy is hard to put down!


Laura Belle said...

HA! the duck on the turtle is hilarious!

MandaPanda said...

Hmmm..wonder why the duck does that. The prison shower has me intrigued. You MUST post what that ends up entailing. I'm thining fire hose.

Angela said...

Those shoes were sexy. Still looking for a pair for myself...and don't even get me started on the Hunger Games. I read it while I was on the treadmill and I could do an hour without blinking an eye it was so good.

Anonymous said...

Those scallops look yummy. Cat read The Hunger Games and said they are goooood. It sounds like I need to get reading.

Cat said...

Hunger Games trilogy is so incredible. It's the very best YA fiction I've ever read.

We needs pics of the sexy shoes. /nod

So jealous of your meet up with Beth Ann and Angela!!

Ronnie said...

Hmm, we might need pictures of said shoes.

And that duck needs one of his tail feathers plucked - that just ain't right!

Kristin50 said...

Those scallops look amazing! Yum!!