Monday, September 05, 2011


Bootcamp today...LADDERS! Narrated with comments and cheesy graphics and me!
So a ladder is something you step on to get to things you can't reach a progression of reps up and then back down. It looks like ----->
Here's what we did with an added bonus of the "break" that you take between each ladder rep completion....It's really not important, but (1) I actually remembered the torture what we did which was a miracle and (2) I got a bit carried away with the graphics.

Ladder Exercises
  1. Pushups
  2. Full squats (Thighs don't hit calves = trainer yell fest)
  3. Johnny C's (Elbows remained in tact! Gotta celebrate the small stuff, right?)
"Break" 1
  • 200 yard sprint (you call that a sprint???)
"Break" 2
  1. Jumping burpee for 15 yards
  2. Skip lunge for 15 yards
  3. High knees for 15 yards (get those knees up people!)
  4. Oh now go back from whence you came and live the joy again to get back to the starting point - translation - repeat 3, 2, and 1 and do the next ladder.
Part way through I felt like this:
Then like this:
 And toward the end, my legs felt like this:

 But ultimately I felt like this:

Cause I finished? NOPE. Cause next round my husband is doing bootcamp with me! (I think he's a bit scared. Ok, I'm just telling myself that cause it's fun.) Before he signed up, I said that it was my time - ya, I know it sounds harsh - but I wasn't "momming" him to go. And, that I didn't think the mornings would work for him if he's honest with himself (he sucks at getting up as in seriously sucks hits the snooze 8 zillion times and his work schedule has many meetings that start at 7).

So, we landed on me going in the morning like I usually do, but that I will also go 3 nights a week with him as well.  Uh yah, that's 8 camps a week. With the heat, I've been sticking to 5-6. It's STILL 100+ every day, but this morning it was 68 degrees! While I was training for my half, I was doing 7 camps with my long run on the weekend. So, I figure I should be OK and who knows it might even get me interested in considering another half this year. Oh well, it's only a month and Chi is in the mix which will cut bootcamp down that week.Here's to a continued cool down!


Ronnie said...

I seriously hope it stays so nice, it's still only 80 and it's 3:00 pm!


It can stay this way year round as far as I'm concerned. :)

Also, great job at bootcamp. No way I could do all that stuff. lol

Kristin50 said...

WOW that is intense! I wish I had one close by that I could be a part of. But I think it would kill me! LOL

Congrats on being able to do all that workout!

MandaPanda said...

8 camps a week?!?! You're seriously my hero.