Tuesday, September 06, 2011


  1. I made a slide show using pics of my friend's adorable little boy on his first day of kindergarten...to terrorize ply my bff with his adorableness to buy some cookies for a school fundraiser. Uh yah, one week in and already a fundraiser. Good thing he's a cute kid. He said to me: "But Fluffy, I really really NEED an air horn!" D-I-E

  2. Two boxes of cookies later. *SIGH* At least they are pre-portioned and frozen and not here yet. Strangely this worked for me the last time I was suckered into  supported a school fundraiser.

  3. They didn't have sugar cookies. Which would have come in super handy for the holidays. Oh wait, I'm guessing there will likely be another opportunity...snort.

  4. There are roughly 115ish days left in the rest of the year. I will should be thinking between now and when it hits 100 days left of some year-end goals.

  5. I have a cleaning crew coming to my house for a one-time-top-to-bottom clean.Ya, I'm that lazy and ya there are that many cobwebs and dusty baseboards.

  6. My husband thinks we should have a cleaner come in every other week. I guess he really does hate vacuuming that much...or thinks that my ability to clean a house is really that bad. 

  7. My husband is out of town. I'm feeling lonely. Good thing those cookies aren't here yet.

  8. In 11 days, I have the Jailbreak. There's mud, rope ladders, hurdles, "river" run, prison shower...Uh, what the hell is that? I looked on the course map and that's all it says "prison shower". Please don't tell me we have to get naked and do some of the course wearing only soap on a rope...If so, I will be skipping that...and taking pictures.

  9. I still need to get a pair of jeans for Chi...well, I can't just wear a pair of jeans - I don't think I'd get past T S A - so I need to figure out some outfits.

  10. I'd like these boots. Ya, 'spensive, but they will last forever! I could always be cremated in them. Hmmm, tempting position on why I need these boots for the husband.


Ronnie said...

First, those boots are amazing. Second, vacuuming is a horrible chore. No one should ever have to do it.

Angela said...

I have been drooling over those boots for weeks! What great taste you have. :)

~Lisa~ said...

Those boots are amazing!!! And I agree with the Hubs! I would love to have someone come in and do a top to bottom clean - good for YOU!

Vanessa said...

Those boots Rock! Lucky you to have a cleaning crew coming in. I used to love when we had our cleaning lady! Its so nice!

Mrs B. said...

Boots are gorgeous!!! I covet them as well. And, yay for you for having someone come and clean your house. Even if it is only once. Can you send them over to mine after you're finished? :)

MandaPanda said...

Love the boots! I hate cleaning. I've already decided that once I'm out of debt and actually have a savings account with money in it, I'm totally getting a cleaning lady that comes in once a week. Any idea if they do laundry?

Cece said...

Every time I re-do the budget - the only thing that stays is the cleaning lady. Yes, on top of food and wine. I would work at any fast food joint just to keep her ... now, that's love.

Laura Belle said...

#11 cracked me up...I definitely want to see those soap on a rope nekkie pics!

Boots are AMAZING. IwantIwantIwant!

I meant to comment on your other jean post, but forgot. I can only wear 1 brand of jeans. ONE! All others don't fit my hippo hips, bubble butt, and small waist ratio. So I wear cowgirl jeans. With bling. That I have to buy at the cowboy store. (And I still have to try on 50 pair to find one that fits good.)

I secretly hate girls who can wear any and all jeans wam bam thank you ma'am style. Totally Bogus.

Silverhairedgoddess said...

Really enjoyed reading your post :)

Beth Ann said...

I live in a one bedroom apartment and I have a weekly housekeeper. Seriously.

LOVE the boots!!