Sunday, September 04, 2011

Please Send "The Fairy"

My husband unexpectedly was out of town today, so I found myself at loose ends. I did a bunch of housework and knocked out the grocery shopping. Then I figured that I had procrastinated enough and I might as well go check out the sales in an effort to get a few "real" clothes. Yah, I really hate shopping for myself that much and my summer clothes aren't going to cut it through fall/winter and my trip to Chi.

Off to the mall. I wasn't looking for work clothes as my current wardrobe *ahem* tshirts and shorts will be fine as long as I get to continue to work from home. I was on a hunt for casual hanging out / weekend wear. Specifically jeans.

I was convinced that a certain store would have some jeans so that was my first stop. I haven't tried any on in a long time and the few pairs I do have are too big. I'm pretty sure I was wandering around the store looking lost. This young gal came up and asked me if I wanted some help. I told her that I was looking for jeans and had no idea what I wanted. She offered to help me find a bunch of styles to try on. Great! So, she asks me what size I am and I seriously started to mumble about how I'm not sure, etc. She said, well what about the shorts that you have on. What size are those? I tell her and I blushed with embarrassment! As in full on felt my face get hot red. Unbelievable! Well, and embarrassing! Even as I type this I'm not sure why I was embarrassed and am going to have to think on that more.

I did try on the 8 or so pairs of jeans, but I was Go1dilocks. There was something wrong with each pair, but unfortunately didn't find the pair that was "just right" either *sigh*. I left that store and did walk into a few others, but I didn't see anything that I liked and was pretty much out of the mood of trying anything on at that point. So, if you know the jeans fairy - or are convinced that you know THE brand of jeans to try - please send me an email and let me know the brand.

***OMG - This is exactly why I blog. I think I was embarrassed because in my head I'm thinking she's responding with *snort* uh huh sure you are that size. AND, then what if she brings me that size and then they ARE too small *horror*. Because I'm shocked that I fit in the size I do. Anyway, there's some pretty warped projection dysmorphia crap going on there, but at least it's some nugget to ponder.

I can't remember if I blogged about this when it happened, but a few months ago I went to a going away party for one of my husband's friends. There were about 14 couples. I knew the wife of the guy that is my husband's friend and one other wife. I had stressed about what I was going to wear and ended up wearing my white capris (in picture), a fitted top with some *bling* stuff on it, and heels.
Anyway, later in the night after a number of the stepford wives had a lot to drink were talking about shopping and/or dieting. I can't remember exactly what they were talking about except that one of them made a comment to me that was "oh, well I'm sure you are a size zero" AND something about white pants (not said in a flattering way either). And, I was embarrassed then too. I was also totally speechless. I mean really, what do you say to that? (My husband leaned over and meowed and said wow, that was bitchy.)

Hell, I don't know where I am going with this. I am going to publish it though as it will likely keep in on my mind on some level to think about it some more. I don't think I'll be doing anymore shopping this weekend though! Go figure it could bring up so much crap for me. Anyway, off to figure out something to do for the evening...


Ronnie said...

Wow, jealous much? Obviously, she must not have known about your weight loss efforts, or she would be congratulating you instead of insinuating that whatever size you are is something to be gossiped about. :/

And, for the record, I love white pants! I wish I had a pair. That might be my mission in Chicago.

Anonymous said...

I think those pants in the picture look AMAZING on you.
Yes, our insecruties can come out at strange times and in strange ways.
Starting to realize what you were thinking is a great step.

~Lisa~ said...

Ohhh my, who let the cats out.. You look absolutely TERRIFIC in those white capris!! I have several pairs and I love each and every one of them!

Kristin50 said...

Woman can be so catty and obnoxious can't we. LOL

I agree she was simply jealous!

You look fantastic! Congrats on such a fantastic job in your weightloss!