Saturday, June 16, 2007

Went Shopping

And I Am now solidly in an 8 in Misses and a 9 (which is a bit big) in Juniors. I will definitely be a 6 by the time I lose the last bit. The 8's will be too big. Who would have thought? hee hee. If you read back in my blog I thought I'd be an 8 by the end. A 6 is defintely small enough considering how tall I am. My friends think I am thin enough now, but let's be real they don't see me in the shower and I know there is more to come off.

I do wonder about sizes though. I swear that sizes are much bigger than they used to be. I know I am not as small as I was in college, but yet I can wear a 6 it is just tighter than I like it to be. Vanity sizing - I think that is the culprit. (And the 2-3% spandex in everything.) I still think I would wear a much bigger size in Europe. But oh well, right? I don't live in Europe.


Jessica said...

What I would give to be in a size 8!! Because I'm so short, I'm in a size 12 at 155 lbs :(

Willis said...

A size 12 is still great! (Your pics are the proof!) You have done so well. :) I'm sure you will find that you will shrink some even without any weight loss. That is what has happened to me recently. Keep up the working out and try and stay focused on your progress to date. I found that I was beating myself up a lot and now look at my pre-surgery pics when I do. It helps a lot. Take Care!