Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Tomorrow morning I go to the doctor for another fluoro. I have stuck to full liquids since I was there and was unfilled. I have actually been really stressed and nervous about whether or not my pouch is shrinking back into shape. I am concerned that nothing has happened and that it will still be the same. Other stupid thoughts I am battling:
  • Any little twinge or anything is something going on with my band.
  • Wondering why I am not starving.
  • Even though I am unfilled and on liquids that when I have the liquids that I am stretching my pouch.
  • Why aren't I more hungry?
  • Why am I getting full on liquids?
  • Will the weight I lost really stay off when I go back to solids?
  • Will I be able to get a fill back to where I was before without additional visits at $150 each
  • Should I go to 1.2 instead of 1.4 fill in case the stretching was caused by being too tight
  • And a zillion others!

I will report in tomorrow after the doctor's visit. Stats follow. Really close to goal weight!!!

Official weigh in stats:

  • Starting weight: 234 lbs
  • Current weight: 153 lbs
  • Overall loss: 81 lbs (Broke 80 lbs!!)
  • Lbs to goal: 4 lbs

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