Friday, June 15, 2007

Paranoia Remains

Well it has been a week since I got my band refilled. It has been difficult not to continue to stress every time I eat or drink and that when I go back in a couple weeks I will find that I have a dilated pouch. It is actually quite annoying! I think it is going to take going back a time or two and seeing that everything is OK.

As far as what did it - They don't know. I had not been in frequently enough that it could be pinpointed. I guess there are a lot of ways it can happen - which in my experience - they kinda tell you but more importantly they tell you it doesn't happen very often. I swear this is what I was told, but now it seems I am told that it happens quite often. I am tending to believe that the things I hear now are probably nearer to the truth.

Did you know there is a new band? It is my understanding that it is wider and is a continous circle. It turns out that all other bands have a little tiny spot where the restriction breaks. It seems to me that this wider band will further reduce the chance of slips and I was told that is what they hoped. Interesting stuff.

Anyway, that's my update for now. Trying to adhere to all the rules, but with a little fill I am getting hungry between meals. C'est la vie, right? ;)

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