Saturday, June 23, 2007

Hungry! - and some thoughts...

My hunger has been a bit of a struggle. I find that now I have had my band so long I am way more in tune with hunger and food. I say this in a good way. I can now tell when I am hungry and it is real hunger. I also have learned that it doesn't take a lot of food to stop that feeling.

I say that because right now I only have .6 in my band. I am 'able' to eat much more food, but have (for the most part) stuck with my 1/2 - 3/4 cups of food and when I am truly hungry I have a small snack. (A few almonds, a yogurt, or something healthy.)

The other thing is that the things I couldn't eat because of the band - which for me is mainly bread - I just continue to not eat. Overall, I am pretty proud of myself. (I have also kept my butt away from the soda.)

If that wasn't enough, I am now only TWO pounds from my goal. Bottom line - slow and steady wins the race and you have to hang in there. You have to leverage what the band provides you, but it is still YOU at the end of the day.

I know someone that also got the band. Generalizing, in the beginning as the band gets adjusted correctly, the weight comes off without a lot of effort. BUT as time goes on it gets much harder. You HAVE to make good choices and most people HAVE to exercise. She has put on 20 lbs of the weight she lost which I think was around 60 lbs. How? Making bad choices - eating around the band and not moving.

A little word on exercise - in my experience - you don't have to become a gym rat. 5 days a week at 30 mins or 3 days at 60 mins has worked out well for me. Walking is great. Just get moving.

I think I am having these thoughts because I am so close to goal. I will be glad to get there and at that point might even think about taking off a few additional pounds. Will see how it goes.

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Jilly said...

I just posted on this kind of stuff and you are so correct!

I by no means will ever be a gym rat but I am so happy I have started moving again. On the days where it has been scorching in Illinois (which seems to be a lot lately) I have been Walking Away the Pounds or hitting the gym treadmill.

Grant me the strength to continue keeping away from the flat diet soda!