Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Speed in a Pack

I have a couple friends that take the winter off from their fitness routine. They figure that when "spring has sprung" that they will pick up their fitness routine again hard core in preparation for summer. But there's 49 days between now and that first day of spring...imagine the progress that can be made in 7 weeks...

So, I might have been going a bit over the speed limit...within two blocks of my )*(*@#)($* house when I got pulled over along with three other cars. The other cars were told to continue while I'm left sitting there.

The policeman comes up to the car and I hand him my paperwork, but I was pretty miffed by what happened. I said, "Sir, I'm not sure why you pulled me over or why..." He interrupts: "Ma'am, I am not going to argue with you." And he goes back to his car. I'm angry at this point.

While he's writing up the citation, I attempt to talk myself off the ledge and when he comes back to the car I say to him as calmly as I can: "Excuse me, sir, I believe I have a right to ask why I am being pulled over and I am extremely upset that you interrupted me and disregarded that right. I was being polite and you interrupted me before I could even finish what I was asking and assumed I was arguing."

He got a dude look. The one where it's almost like their eyes roll back in their head and they realize something. Because I could tell that he realized that there might be some truth in what I said.

He did say he was sorry and what would I like to ask. So, I clarified why I was pulled over - speeding. But also asked why I was the only car that was being cited. He then told me that I was going the fastest of all the cars. This didn't make sense to me---write us ALL a ticket, but I'll give it to him because the fastest car of those three was going 5 over the speed limit and I don't want to be pulled over and cited for going 5 over.

He says: "Ma'am I am giving you a warning."

Me: *OMG, happy dance in my head!*

Him: "I see you have XX on your car. Thanks for your service."

Me: *OMG, still happy dancing* --- "Thank you officer for the warning and also the recognition of service. That's my husband."

So remember, if you are going to speed, do it in a pack and don't be the fastest speeder.

Oh and also, consider getting a concealed handgun license with your spouse/partner. You have to give it to the officer along with your license. Since this happened to me before my husband, all he seemed to be able to focus on was the fact that I got to handover my license first. Even if I had been cited, I do think he would have been stuck on this more than the ticket. *eye roll*


Laura Belle said...

Random: my hubby and I were just talking about the concealed and carry class last night! We both want to do it. He'll probably get done before me, but whatever. I'll eventually get it.

Anyway. I didn't realize it was 7 weeks till spring! But I'm already thinking about ramping up my workouts for summer! haha.

Dawnya said...

OMG...you are have a gun. I'm so jealous. I really miss my guns!!! I had 3. But once the kids showed up they had to go.

I think it's totally cool,that you got to hand over your license first.