Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Traveling girl...

I have been essentially living between two states since November of last year. A guy who I used to date in 2006/07 re-entered my life after deciding that a long-distance relationship wasn't what he wanted. (When we met he lived in the same state as me, but work was taking him out of state.)

Well, needless to say - over time he realized that I super wonderful (of course - ha!) and that we should give it a try. This was more than fine for me as this guy is a keeper and one that I would marry. As someone that never thought she would get married (never really wanted to) and has actually been engaged twice (uh, yep, I'm the REAL Runaway Bride - Julia Roberts movie) this is significant.

So where do I think this is headed? Actually to marriage. We have had many discussions about it, what each of us want, etc. I don't want a 'wedding'. I'd prefer that he get a ring, 'officially' ask me, and we just go get married.

My recovery has been challenging for both of us and frankly a little scary for me. As a 40-year-old woman that has always relied on herself and is very very independent it takes a effort of my part to let my guard down and fully let him in. I've been getting better at this over time, but also realize I have some more work to do.

How does this relate to my blog? Well, he doesn't know about my lap band. Nope - not at all. There are only 7 people in my life (none of which are family) that know about my surgery. I'm not sure how he will react, what he will think, etc. Yep, I'm scared about telling him as well, but I am going to have to tell him. When will I get the nerve up to do it is the question?


Dawn said...

Wow! Congrats and all that...What a journey. I hope all your dreams come true and your Mr Right sounds perfect for you. I haven't told many people about my band, but my husband does know. He's been behind me from the start. Your future husband will be your partner in life and no relationship should be built on keeping secrets. Tell him - if he runs, then he's not for you (so why have him around) and if he stays... then happy days are ahead.


Melanie said...

Love me love my band - it's part of me and I tell everyone. This man won't run if you tell him. He wouldn't deny you an artificial hip, daily insulin, heart pacemaker etc so why should he freak about a lap band? Well done you, Mel

Jody V said...

You had your LapBand done for you. He will understand that. And..I'm sure he is impressed with the results too!!

Good luck!