Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm Back!

Hoping that I haven't been gone so long that people gave up on me! I plan to spend the next couple of days catching up with everyone's blogs.

Where have I been? Working and traveling and just busy in preparation for my surgery which was Monday---puts me out for a couple weeks and then only 40 hours for the next 4. (40 sounds normal for most people, but I usually end up working closer to 60 each week.) My workouts went down a bit and eating went a little south as I was anxious about the surgery itself, but overall remained at my last reported weight. (Yeah on that!)

I am supposed to listen to my body and I should be able to start walking when I feel up to it. No jogging or anything until after 4 weeks. As long as I'm walking and watching what I am eating, I don't think this will be an issue.

I'd be wondering if I read on someone's blog what the surgery was - well, I had a hysterectomy. Turns out that I had cervical cancer come back for the third time and was sick of dealing with it. This is supposed to take care of everything. The downside is kids are not a possibility, but I'm old anyway and can always adopt. The upside - no more periods!!! (And yep, I did get to keep my ovaries.)

Please make sure that in addition to breast self exams that you are going in for your annual checkup which includes a pap smear. Honestly, if you have to have cancer this isn't a bad one to have. It is very slow growing and if caught early it's not so bad with a very good prognosis.

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Dawn said...

glad your surgery went well, hope you have a speedy recovery.