Monday, March 30, 2009


I still haven't weighed in. I continue to watch what I am eating and follow the rules, but I am guessing the lack of exercise is having some effect since my surgery. I just don't want to add the stress to myself right now of a weight gain because I need to take it easy until after my doctor's appointment tomorrow. I have been having this weird discomfort - hard to describe - but I just don't feel right and am feeling tired all the time. (Hmmm, maybe the tiredness is due to a lack of exercise? ha) I thought the best thing to do was just go in and have the doctor check me out - my appointment was a couple weeks out, so I just moved it up. I want to ensure that I don't have an infection.

If I get a green light, then back to the gym Wednesday morning. My plan for this week is to walk an hour on the treadmill. My goal is in the next 45 days to have my mileage back up to where it was which was around 40 miles per week minimum. If I have gained anything, this will take care of it I'm sure. Funny thing is that my clothes still fit, so I am hoping the damage - if any - is minimal.

Dawn, Melody, and Jody V - You ladies are all right! A BIG thanks for adding the comments. It helped a lot. I haven't told him as we are going to be apart for the next couple of months. I thought it best to tell him in person and when we will be together for a bit of time to answer any questions / concerns that he has. I really wasn't looking for an excuse, this just seemed better for ME as I would be wondering what he is 'really' thinking and driving myself crazy with it (seriously and honestly shows that I am thinking what I need as well which is not a normal practice for me!). I'll have a better idea what is going on if we are together. Stay tuned on that.

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Good luck at the doctor!