Monday, May 01, 2006

To Only1 - I'm Sorry!

Only1 - I have been reading your blog - although I have gotten behind on all the ones that I read---I am slowly catching up. I read yours today and felt sad when I read this post. I thought that I had responded to your comments on my blog and that I had put a question in there to you that was asking why I had to put my email address on your blog to comment. I am totally and completely anonymous on my blog - not even my best friend knows about it. It is only for me. Therefore, I am scared of using my email address anywhere that could somehow link back to this blog. Please know that I have been following you and am pulling for you too! I will continue to do so and please continue to comment on my blog (if you want) and I will be sure to respond that way. You are a courageous woman and I think of you often. Keep in touch. For those of you reading, please stop by and say hi to Only1.

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