Sunday, March 26, 2006

Why the band?

Today I received the following comment:
only1 said...
Was there a reason you chose the band instead of the RNY surgery?

I don't think I ever wrote on this topic and it is an important one. For me it was a simple decision:

  • All my 'guts' stay the way they were originally.
  • There are no absorption issues.
  • It is reversible.
  • The long-term weightloss has been shown to be comparable.
  • It is adjustable.

Everyone has his or her personal reasons for their choice of WLS. These were mine. For others RNY is the preferred choice and I respect everyone's choice regardless of what it is. For those of you that have had or are considering WLS, please chime in here, everyone's perspective is appreciated.


liz said...

I feel the same way - had the band for the same reasons you did. It's slower than RNY and that can be frustrating at times. But, I also wanted to keep my surgery private - and felt that would be more realistic if I was losing weight more slowly.

Serena said...

I feel the same way as you do. Also I know a few people who had their insides rearranged and have now gained a lot of their weight back but still have malabsorbtion issues. No thanks. I will take the slower weight loss and adjustibility.
Still I respect others choices. I certainly don't think I know what is best for everyone and at this point I only pray that this will work for me long term. There are no guarantees and either way a person has to work at it.

only1 said...

I am so morbidly obese and at one time weighed over 500 pounds, and on my own lost down to under 300 but have really bad knees and have since being told to stop walking until I get some weight off of me am now gaining it back, up to 339. The doctors all conferred and agreed in order to get the fastest amount off to free me up so that I can walk without damaging already worn out knees, this one was the best option. I am anxious about having my insides all rearranged, but I am 51 years old and have been morbidly obese for over ten years. I am ready to get down to a normal size. I just thought if the band worked as fast and took off as much as the RNY, then I'd do that instead. I was always normal size, until I had a wreck and almost died and became imobile. I know what not walking can do. I was a jogger for the first few decades of my adult life. Jogged like crazy and was faithful to go to the gym, I knew how easy I gained weight so I worked hard to keep it off, then the wreck. So, that is why I am doing the RNY.

fluffy said...

Only1 - First, you should take a moment and think what an accomplishment it was for you to lose 200 lbs. That is amazing and even more so considering you are not able to exercise.

If the doctors are saying RNY is the best option and a quick weightloss is best for your health, then I think you have your answer. I can honestly tell you that there is anxiety whichever route you decide. In the end though, it will be worth it and in your case, a life saver. Based on the little I know of you, it seems the risks of the surgery are minimal compared to doing nothing.

I look forward to tracking you on your journey. Please stop by and let me know if I can in any way provide you with support. Please check out the sites I have in my blog roll. Many of the sites I have are to lovely ladies that have had RNY. ALL very successful and I am positive would be glad to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Take care.

Soul Searching said...

Funny that I chose RNY for one of the main reasons most people choose lap band: I didn't trust myself with something reversible!

Congrats on the loss so far!