Thursday, March 16, 2006

Eating is work

Eating used to be a pleasurable experience. For me, the cold hard truth of having the lapband is that eating is now work. I have to think about what I am going to eat (make band-friendly choices) and think about eating consciously--chew, eat slowly, and listen to my body. It is not the mindless activity it was before. This is good and bad.

It's good because of the effort that is required, I just don't look forward to it. I think the emotional eating has seriously been tackled --- of course, this means that I keep candy and ice cream out of the house --- the band isn't going to help with that although I have found (contrary to what I have read other people saying) that I can't eat as much of it---I just get full.

It's bad because of the effort that is required, I just don't do it (sometimes). Or I just pick at my food. I am particularly challenged at lunch time at work. My job tends to be stressful. My experience is stress tightens my band. I recently learned not to force myself to eat if this is happening. Why? PB big time. If I am not sure, I will take a bite or two and see what happens. So what do I do instead? I will eat a protein bar very very slowly, have a latte, or some soup. Yes, except for the protein bar - soft food. But reality is that you can't squeeze food past a tight band and getting food down is important (for me) or else calories consumed for the day will not be enough.

In case anyone is thinking - hmmmm, you might be too tight. I know this isn't the case. The band is a strange little thing. You have to learn how your body deals and reacts to it. It is definitely not a science. Over time I have put together what happens with me. On days where stress is low/manageable - no issue (as long as I follow bandster rules) - so defintely not too tight. There are times during my cycle that I am tight as well, but I am getting a good sense of when this happens. It just takes time and patience (with some PBs thrown in) to figure it out.

In fact, I am still learning...


Jill said...


I don't think I have ever commented on your posts but I am going to blab my big mouth here too. :) I couldn't agree more with this post. Eating IS work. Sometimes I forget and I pay for it. Why the heck would I take a sip of water after eating something that feels stuck? Cause I am not thinking when I should be! Food has lost its lust to me, I am sad and relieved. :/

On another note, I love your posts and recipes. :) Keep 'em coming! And last but certainly not least, congrats on the weight loss!!! You are doing great!

Jessica said...

Your posts are great! I have learned so much and I have a really good idea of what I'm getting myself into!!

fluffy said...

Jill - Stop by and blab any time! I appreciate the interaction! I know what you mean about feeling sad and relieved. The other night, I really wished I could enjoy a slice of thick-crust pizza with my friends, but knew it wouldn't work. *sigh* Oh well, there are things better than pizza, like a nice glass of wine that I had instead! ;) I have been keeping up with your blog as well and will continue. It's great to read other peoples' perspectives. Keep up your great efforts and keep posting!

Jessica - I am still so excited for you about your approval! I am behind on reading blogs. I hope to get over to yours this weekend. I am glad that you are finding my blog helpful. I know you are going to do great.

Take care both of you.