Saturday, March 18, 2006

Hair club for women?

Yep, I am losing hair. I do not believe the 'you're not getting enough protein theory'. I know I am getting plenty and in fact when I was on a diet of protein shakes (very very high protein) I still lost a fair amount of hair.

Unfortunately, I have lost 50+ pounds of weight multiple times. If I lose it quickly, such as I am now, I have lost hair along with it. In fact, it has always been around the 4-5 month timeframe --- I'm over 4 months now. So I just keep reminding myself it will grow back (it always has before--fingers crossed it will again!) and try not to panic. Fortunately, I have a ton of hair, so I am the only one that notices. I keep asking my best friend if she can tell because she would be honest and tell me!

But how do I know for sure the root cause of my hair loss phenomena? Well I am a big goober and have spreadsheets for my 'diets'. Lots of them. In fact, if I would have had something other than 'being fat' as my issue when I got the band, I would have been all set for proving my attempts to my insurance company - this was not enough for how the policy is written. I tracked everything each time. The diet plan, what I ate, weight, how I felt, what happened, etc.

The bottom line: If I have to lose some hair to get to goal and finally lose this weight once and for all, that is fine with me!


Jessica said...

Last month, Jill and I went to a post op support group and there was a lady there who had the duodenal switch and lost a ton of weight. We were talking about hair loss and she said to make sure you are getting your B12. I didn't think much of it at the time, but when I went to the nutritional class last week, they handed out samples of a protein shake created specifically for bariatric patients. The dietician pointed out the main difference between these shakes and the others on the market is the HIGH protein content (24 grams for 8 oz) and the B12 content (100% of your daily recommended amount).

So, you know I love to google stuff! I found this article about hair loss and B12. It may be worth looking into.

Serena said...

As long as it grows back, that's the important thing. I am sure you look fine.
Trying to look at the positive side of this if it did get really bad, at least for me, I would finally have a real excuse to buy all the cool wigs I keep looking at.

e$ said...

ok, well this is sort of weird - i found your blog from my sitemeter and landed right on this entry... my hair was falling out sort of a lot for awhile then it stopped falling out and now it's starting aagin. Is this a sign or someting??

fluffy said...

Jessica - thanks for the Google. A definite reminder for me that I need to take my daily vitamin!

Serena - I am banking on it not getting that bad. I will definitely freak out if it were to get so bad that I had to wear a wig. In fact, that might be the end of the band for me!

e - that is weird. Hopefully you found some helpful info from Jessica's Google as well.

Jackie said...

I am under the impression that losin hair is from not getting enough essential fatty acids! (Since were cutting fats so much!)

Anonymous said...

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